C1 Advanced Free English level Test online with answers to determine which course is best for you and with answers to help you improve.

C1 Advanced Free English Level Test online with answers

There is no time limit. There are 40 questions. The test must be completed in one session.

Example of C1 Advanced English Level : Can hold on to their turn to speak and deal with hostile questioning.

If you do not know your current skills, the C1 Advanced English level test online with answers will help you to find the right course so that you learn in the correct course for you. why risk taking the you can spend your time and energy reviewing information you already know or find yourself confused because you do not know the basic rules.

If you score less than 50% correct then the C1 Advanced level can be a good course level for you.

If you score more than 50% correct then try a higher level test such as the C2 Proficiency English level.

If you already know which course you need, you can take a course without taking the test.

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