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B2 Upper Intermediate English Conversation Practice Course

Learn English Faster with less effort. 100% Guaranteed.

B2-Upper-Intermediate English Certificate Earn the B2 First English Certificate of Course Completion and receive a Free Evaluation of your pronunciation/speaking skills from a native speaker. 

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B2 Upper Intermediate English conversation practice with trained and certified native speakers.

B2 Upper Intermediate English Conversation Practice course Practice English Conversation in our virtual classroom with Cambridge trained native English speaking teachers. You will become fluent in English quicker and speak English confidently when you practice express your ideas in English with confidence.

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Practice English reading, writing, speaking and listening in our interesting online courses. We have online classrooms with one on one breakout rooms. There you can practice one on one conversation with your English speaking friends in our online classroom. Besides that you can also practice English conversation with native English speaking trained teachers. Our teachers are native speakers with university degrees. They are also Cambridge Certified teachers. This means all of our teachers are certified to teach English to non-native speakers. Most importantly you will learn English faster with less effort.

Practice English Conversation with native speaking Cambridge trained teachers in the online virtual classroom.

At this level language use becomes more abstract, for example, giving opinions, summarizing a short story or plot or giving detailed instructions. For example, B2 Upper Intermediate students can show visitors around and give a detailed description of a place.

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Learn English Faster with less effort. 100% Guaranteed.