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Live English Conversation Practice Classroom

1 Classroom Session deducts 1 Credit.

Free credits are given for registering to the website, inviting friends, posting in groups to find conversation partners, taking tests, completing lessons, logging into the website and sharing to social media. 

Invite your friends to the live English Conversation practice classroom to improve your English speaking skills.  Practicing conversation with your friends you will be more outspoken than if you were speaking with strangers.

Exercise live English conversation practice with other students online to improve your test score and overall English conversation abilities. Complete the  English classes for your English Level to earn the English certificate and it will display automatically in your online profile avatar.  Invite students at your level to practice conversation with you anytime. 

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Difficulty: Intermediate

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Live English Conversation Practice classroom. Take a free English test to help discover which English level is right for you.

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