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C1 fixed mindset or growth mindset?



 1.1) Watch the YouTube video “The power of yet”.

1.2) Discuss the video with other recently online members  or invite your friends to discuss the video at a specific time.



2) AT THE EVENT: Join C1 Classroom and Discuss in group the reasons for a  “fixed mindset or growth mindset”.

Fixed mindset or growth mindset ? 

A growth mindset focuses on DEVELOPMENT of (current and future) ability to pass a challenge, or GROWTH of abilities. –> “I love a challenge!”

A fixed mindset focuses on JUDGEMENT of (current=now) ability to pass or fail a challenge.    –>  “Run from difficulty”.

Students who pushed out of their comfort zone to learn something hard experienced new, stronger neural connections and over time they became smarter with improved grades. 

Students who did NOT push out of their comfort zone to learn something hard experienced declining grades. 

– In one year kindergarten students who could not hold a pencil reached the top 5% of the national achievement test.
– In one year 4th grade math students who were “way behind” became the #1 math 4th grade math students on the state of N.Y. math test.
– In a year to a year and a half native American students on a reservation went from the bottom of their district to the top of their district (The native American students outscored the rich students) 


What can the teacher reward and praise to help the student develop a growth mindset ?

Praise the Process. Reward the use of Effort, Strategy, Focus, Perseverance and Progress instead of getting answers correct right now.

In the math game which rewarded these areas, all of these areas increased over time including more perseverance when they encountered difficulties.

Teach students that by pushing out of their comfort zone they can form new neural connections and become smarter.


What did the worst students change to become the best students ?

The meaning of Effort and Difficulty were transformed: 
Before: Effort and Difficulty made them feel dumb, made them feel like giving up.
After:    Effort and Difficulty engaged their neurons and made them feel like they were getting smarter.


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